Glassline fusing paint

Glassline pencils are a suitable tool for drawing lines and shading on glass. They are an ideal way to decorate glass, they are simple to use and can be diluted with water. A kit of metal tips is recommended to draw thin lines on the glass. The spike kit includes the following sizes: big, medium and fine. Glassline can be applied between two layers of glass as well as on the surface, for example to create a complex drawing in 3D. To make shading, you can also spray the color. Glassline is compatible with most types of glasses - Float and Bullseye (AK90) to Spectrum System96 (AK96). For best results, melt individual pieces of glass to a "tack" or "relief" temperature before adding them to your fusing project. While the optimum results are obtained at approx. 1500 ° F (815 ° C), you can melt your parts at lower or higher temperatures to achieve the result you want. Available in 29 shades, Glassline pencils are lead-free and have no effect on food.

glassline crayon "blanc" 56grs glassline crayon "blanc" 56grs 2
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Glassline fusing paint

glassline crayon "blanc" 56grs

Ref : FU-5320119 : glassline crayon "blanc" 56grs compatible systeme 96 et 90
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