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putty window

putty is an essential step in the manufacture of stained glass. Grouting leaded stained glass will allow it to be tight and drying putty will stiffen your window. Grouting extends the life of the window and glue the pieces well leaded glass. To make putty is very simple: you need: Blanc de Meudon (also called white Troyes) of linseed oil in the drying must then mix Whiting and linseed oil for a paste the consistency of toothpaste. Then we add the desiccant used to dry the oil Store flaxseed oil already contains the desiccant is more simple. here is your mixture is ready you still have to apply to make it fit well under the leads and then closes and seals are cleaned with sawdust which will absorb the overflow. ps: to keep the water cover
putty window

Huile de lin Siccativée 1litre

Huile de lin Siccativée 1litre, pour fabriquer votre mastic   Huile de lin siccativée (sans plomb). En usage domestique, protection des plans de travail, manches de couteau, chaises, etc...
putty window

Huile de lin Siccativée 0,5l

Huile de lin Siccativée 0,5l. Pour la fabrication du mastic à vitrail.   Huile de lin siccativée (sans plomb). En usagedomestique, protection des plans de travail, manchesde couteau, chaises, etc...
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ouvre/rabbat plomb

ouvre/rabbat plomb
Vitrail au plomb liste de matériel pour être bien équipé

Spatule à rabattre

Spatule à rabattre
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