secure payment

- Payment by credit card is safe with cybermut solution of mutual credit

Cybermut payment , the payment solution secures online Crédit Mutuel is certified PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). PCI DSS was adopted by MasterCard and Visa networks to enhance security on the use and storage of cardholder data c is a global standard also supported by other networks of cards like American Express , JCB and Diners . This certification attests the high level of certainty for thousands of traders who trust has Cybermut payment . C is an essential element of the chain of trust between our merchants to their online customers. Cybermut Payment is developed and maintained by Euro Information, the IT subsidiary of Credit Mutuel CIC Group . 3D Secure : To greatly reduce internet fraud and increase confidence in card payments and strengthen the dynamics of e-commerce, French banks have reached an agreement to adopt a new regulation on credit card payments on the internet. S this regulation based on the protocol " 3D Secure " developed by the two international card networks , Visa and MasterCard ( name VERIFED by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code). This protocol was implemented on the platform of payment CyberMut Payment / PaiementCIC for several years. As part of this protocol, it is now up to the bank of your client to control the identity of the holder of this card when it rule your CyberMut Secure Payment / PaiementCIC payment platform . This control is achieved by the bank to your customer directly on the internet with a method of its own ( secret code, personal and confidential information , read chip case ....)

- check on a French bank only

- the interbank transfer ( for certain countries or on request)

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